Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Another crafty project complete!

Well 2 actually. The first one is a wedding gift. A couple that has gone on my families float/fishing trip the last couple of years is getting married while we are there this year so I decided to make them a gift. By "my family", my parents, both my brothers and their families, my sister and her family, plus most of us take a "guest" family. This year it is somewhat smaller since several groups that usually attend had too many other things going on this summer but the core group will still be there. We will have 30+ people involved so it is always entertaining and unpredictable. Anyway, here is what I came up with.....

I found the frame at Hobby Lobby and used my Old West and Camping cartridges on my Cricut to cut everything out. Hubby really wondered if I had lost it when I ask him to help me cut the nailheads off some paneling nails to use on it but he adjusted quickly....he usually does. He has learned not to ask too many questions!

The other project I finished up last night while watching all the taped episodes of "America's Got Talent" was sorting Zane and Mariska's pictures. I have fallen sadly behind on their scrapbooks. I'm going to try and remedy that over the rest of the summer though. Sharon printed pictures from May until December a couple of weeks ago and I managed to sort them all out last night by child and then put them in order. I have about 30 layouts/events for each kid to do. Okay, so it will probably take me a little longer than the rest of the summer to catch them up doesn't help when I start taking pictures also :sigh: Guess I'm going to have to share these with Sharon huh?

Don't you love the 'ornery look on Mariska's face and the look of sheer joy on Zane's? The other sweetheart is my great niece Jacee. Her and Zane were having a ball playing in the water sprinkler one evening when it was steamy hot!!


  1. Great frame project! and oh to be a kid again!