Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Rainy days

Another rainy day in Missouri. We needed a shower and got a deluge!! Hopefully it didn't come so hard that it seals all the seed planted in the last week. Spring planting is late as it is, we really don't need to have to replant........again. Our farmer clients are starting to get a little grumpy........I say very lovingly!

I hope to load some more stuff tonight if I make it home from Jake's basketball shootout in time. His last game is at 3:30 so hopefully we won't be to late. I also have to work on the flip flop scrapbooks that we will be making at VBS starting tomorrow night.

I'm also looking for advice on starting a faithbooking group. A few of the ladies at church are interested and I need some tips on how to get it up and going. I guess it would help a lot if I actually had any followers on my blog LOL!

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