Thursday, June 24, 2010

Cross Your Fingers

for me. I would love to sit down and work on Addie's album a little bit tonight. I know it won't be finished before her party on Saturday but it will be close enough to give to her anyway. We've had so many crazy things going on every night this week that I haven't had a chance to do to much but go to ballgames of some sort. The good side to that is Jake cranked a 3 run homer out at his baseball game on Tuesday night. He was sooo excited and happy. We even decided that even though his game wasn't over until 9:30 and Dairy Queen in the neighboring town closed at 10....we quickly made the trek and bought him supper and a Blizzard!!! Okay, so we all celebrated with him and had a blizzard......who really needs an excuse for ice cream. Here's hoping I get some scrap time over the weekend. I'm going into withdrawal.

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