Tuesday, June 21, 2011

catching up on some things

I got several vinyl window decals cut tonight and my scrap desk cleaned off. Hopefully that means I can do some scrapping in a couple of nights. Tomorrow night is dedicated to my mom and her pea patch LOL.

And hopefully I will be around more after this weekend. If you don't know me personally, let me in on a little bit of happiness that has happened at our house. My 20 year old daughter is buying a house....all on her own....and opening her daycare. She is still going to finish her college degree but decided when this particular house came up for sale it was time to make the move and follow her dreams. I'm a bit sad about her moving out "permantely" but she is only 5 miles from me, in town, so I can eat lunch with her most everyday AND most importantly...I'm sooooo very PROUD of her for having the guts to follow her dream and not let everyone tell her she needs to wait. I know she is intelligient and determined enough to make it work. And heaven knows the girl has the work ethic to do it................

that being said, I might not be on for a few weeks as consistently as I was wanting to be this summer. Helping her settle into her new home is going to take some time I was planning on spending in the craft room.

my brats........that I couldn't be prouder of......Joni and Jake at Prom this past April. Jake was a sophomore, Joni went with her boyfriend to his Senior Prom this year. Pretty good lookin' siblings don't you think?!?!

Joni and her boyfriend Marcus at his senior prom this past spring. A friend of mine made her dress and I made her jewelry and headband.

Friday, June 10, 2011

a few new ones from Mariska's album

okay, the first one isn't in a scrapbook page yet but I wanted to share.....Jeana's class graduated this year....they didn't forget. She was in the senior video and several of the kids gave me the same flowers they gave their mom's........and we got a tassel.......yup...bawled like a baby all day but I hope they know just how much it meant to us to have them remember her after 7 years. They are a special group of kids!

and now for the layouts for her album.
This is one of my favorites even though it didn't photograph well. I pulled the definition of a crop consultant off the net and changed it up a little to fit Mariska and her daddy LOL. She was "working" with him that day planting corn when Sharon snapped the picture out the front door.

Easter egg hunting with the cousins.......she hit the motherload!

Mariska and Zane "working" on the semi LOL

She was completely obsessed with her Burger King crown and even wore it fishing one Sunday afternoon....gotta love 3 year olds and their determination and committment rofl.

The annual Easter Egg coloring extravaganza with friends....love the picture of all the kids in the tree.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Life overwhelming!

Yup, you guessed it. I've been overwhelmed by everything life has to offer. I haven't completely quit scrapping, just haven't had time to post too much lately and I'm sorry about that. I have some really fun layouts I finished to complete Mariska's album before her 3rd birthday party a couple of weeks ago and I've been cutting a lot of vinyl lately. Our relay for life team made window decals as a fundraiser so that kept me busy. Add in the end of school, the start of summer, oh and my daughter signing a contract to buy a house and life has just gotten out of hand.

I still have some window decals to cut this week so hopefully next week I can post some layouts. Jake is headed to Washington D.C. next Monday so things should be fairly quiet around my house....maybe then I can get back to some nice calm, quiet evenings....but then again....Joni will still be home and we will still be gathering up goodies for her new home and eventually a fully state licensed home day care.........

Remind me in a few years when I'm complaining about boredom that these days were overwhelming to me LOL.