Tuesday, June 21, 2011

catching up on some things

I got several vinyl window decals cut tonight and my scrap desk cleaned off. Hopefully that means I can do some scrapping in a couple of nights. Tomorrow night is dedicated to my mom and her pea patch LOL.

And hopefully I will be around more after this weekend. If you don't know me personally, let me in on a little bit of happiness that has happened at our house. My 20 year old daughter is buying a house....all on her own....and opening her daycare. She is still going to finish her college degree but decided when this particular house came up for sale it was time to make the move and follow her dreams. I'm a bit sad about her moving out "permantely" but she is only 5 miles from me, in town, so I can eat lunch with her most everyday AND most importantly...I'm sooooo very PROUD of her for having the guts to follow her dream and not let everyone tell her she needs to wait. I know she is intelligient and determined enough to make it work. And heaven knows the girl has the work ethic to do it................

that being said, I might not be on for a few weeks as consistently as I was wanting to be this summer. Helping her settle into her new home is going to take some time I was planning on spending in the craft room.

my brats........that I couldn't be prouder of......Joni and Jake at Prom this past April. Jake was a sophomore, Joni went with her boyfriend to his Senior Prom this year. Pretty good lookin' siblings don't you think?!?!

Joni and her boyfriend Marcus at his senior prom this past spring. A friend of mine made her dress and I made her jewelry and headband.

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