Friday, July 1, 2011

And life just gets crazier....

and here I thought I was going to have so much time to create in June.

Actually, I have been creating, just not in my scraproom. We have spent most of this week helping Joni get moved in and settled in her new home. Lots of organizing to do with all the kids toys and then there is the playground! I never thought I would ever put playground designer on my resume, but I do believe I am going to add it. I will post some pictures after this weekend of some of the fun stuff we are doing. She says the kids will fight over swings so we are making sure to put a big swing set in with 4 seats plus a toddler set of swings so the little guys aren't mixed in with the bigger rough and tumble kids. I am also designing and building a tire tunnel and gym. It is actually coming out pretty cool. We are getting ready to wash all the tires down and do the painting on those...hopefully this weekend. If all goes well, then Monday I am going to disassemble the old "gallows" swingset at my house (it was made out of telephone poles so a friend dubbed it the gallows). I will be using the wood from that to build the platforms and slide on the tire gym......I promise to post pictures if I can get it all done.

We are also going to spend next week getting our horse trailer/living quarters cleaned out and ready for the family float trip...we leave the 9th for a full week. I haven't done one thing to get ready for it this year...not one. We will probably be packing at 10 p.m. on the 8th. I know I will forget something....hopefully it won't be to tell the neighbors we are leaving so they will keep an eye on the house and water the critters LOL.

Well, lunch house is about over so it is back to work for me! Everybody enjoy the long weekend and remember the real reason for the 4th of July holiday and thank a veteran!!

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