Thursday, July 22, 2010

Scraproom tour.

I thought you might like a tour of my scraproom. It went a major overhaul over New Year's thanks to the Christmas gift from my Mom and Dad of new flooring and shelving. It still isn't perfect.......does a scraproom ever get there.....but I'm working on it slowly but surely.

My chipboard letters are all in the small sterilite drawers. I used a heavy chipboard to make dividers which makes it much much easier to tell if I have a certain type of each letter when making titles.

The start of my stamping reorganization. My inks and embossing stuff are all easily accessible now directly behind my desk. The photo storage boxes are the start to unmounting all my stamps and storing in cd cases. It's a start anyway.....that project is going to take a while to complete.

My small embellishment organizers are LOADED. I love having all my buttons, flowers, embroidary floss, brads, and eyelets of one color in one container. I also throw in some short pieces of ribbon. It certainly makes it very easy to find an embellishment that will match my pictures and paper after I have the basis of a layout complete.

My paper rack....yes, it's HUGE. It is actually an old carpet sample display that I found at a rummage sale. I've taken it down once because it was so big but put it back is so much easier to find the paper in it. Larry is planning on making me a second base for it though so I can take the top down and make it two sets of two racks. I'm also going to make a dust cover for it.

The lidded drawers under my desk hold all my scraps sorted by color. I find if I keep them close to me, I use them more. I'm working on a "plan" for a desk base that will include these in it....just gotta break the news to Larry that he will be building the desk LOL. The small black tv stand holds my big red sizzix, all the dies for it, my stack of chipboard, and one set of current project drawers. This set of drawers holds finish pages that I haven't put in albums yet and any paper I bought specifically for one of the albums. I'm always afraid it's going to get lost in the big stack and I'll forget I have it so I store it where I will see it every time I add a page to the drawer.

One of my 6 chipboard drawers....yet, I have an addiction :sigh: I'm addicted to chipboard on clearance or on sale or at Big Lots or wherever!! The drawer dividers are made from very heavy chipboard that the local pharmacy gives to me free of charge. I'm still work through the first foot tall stack they gave me for a VBS project. It comes in the boxes of their prescription labels and one of the ladies that works their is a scrapper so she keeps a big stack handy all the time. Gotta love fellow scrappers that SHARE!

The sterilite drawers on the left I picked up at a rummage sale and hold all my fabric/craft paints, brushes, and trays. Love it.

The 2 1/2 gallon bags are page kits for my nieces album.....I'm using paper clips and binder clips right now but seen a great idea to use ID badge clips somewhere the other day. Next trip to walmart will include buying several packages. The other set of sterilite drawers hold my basic shape punches. All these drawers set directly behind my scrapdesk within arms reach.

Another set of layout kits...these are for my nephew's album. As soon as all the pictures I just ordered to catch up Jake's album arrive, there will be another 30 or so kit hung up here.....I'm finding that if I do the kits as soon as I get the pictures, it makes it easier to sit down of an evening and grab a layout or two and get them done....I plan on being caught up by Christmas come h@## or high water...........don't hold me to that though.

I have started sorting my stamps. I'm going to unmount all of them and put them in cd cases. I have a start on it but have used up all the cd cases I have so I'm getting some more from some friends to finish up the project. I'm then going to stamp everything on to a rolodex card and label the cd cases so I can find stamps at the flip of a card. This is my mess for now.......sorted by the category they will be filed under.

This is the closest I can get to a panoramic view of my scraproom. The entire room is 9' x 12' and looks directly into the living room of my home. There is also a shelf with my computer and printer in this room as well. All in all, everything is within arms reach.....a spin of my chair and VOILA.......if I can remember where it is, I can grab it.

Well there you have it....a basic overview of my scrap mess aka scraproom. It is still undergoing some changes but the basics are down pat....just some micro organizing here and there and final details to finish up. Kudos to my wonderful hubby, Larry, for helping me put the new flooring in and all the shelving up AND supporting me in my passion..........I did here him tell somebody the other day it seemed like a lot of money for a hobby until he realized exactly how priceless the scrapbooks and all the pictures are............a brutal lesson we learned after we lost Jeana. I don't think anybody understands how happy I was to "overhear" that comment come from him.


  1. Loving your space and your organization. Will be returning to drool!!

  2. Great room but most of all I love what Larry said! It is indeed gratifying to know someone appreciates our "art".

  3. WOW! This is my first visit to your blog and I am blown away by how you have done your room! I am in the process of redoing mine after having just set it up a year ago.....not working out right, so back to the drawing board! I have a lot of the plastic drawers too, putting them under the table makes perfect sense! Thanks for this post! :)

  4. What a WONDERFUL scraproom you have to play in! So organised...

  5. Melanie...your studio is great!!! I love!
    You have good ideas! Thanks for sharing with us!
    Sorry about my English...I need improve!
    Congrats for this sweet place! I'm follower now!
    Kisses from Brazil!

  6. You are so organized - an inspiration to us all! Thanks for sharing all your great ideas!

  7. Great organization! What are those hanger clip things you have on the ziploc bags. Not the binder clips, but the other ones???