Sunday, July 18, 2010

Working on Zane's scrapbook

I don't normally do a lot of one picture layouts....unless I'm working on my niece and nephew's albums. They usually have some cute single pictures that deserve a page all on their own. Keep in mind I don't do any of the journaling on these. Sharon does all the journaling (or she is supposed to anyway!) when she gets the albums.

I actually took this picture instead of his mom. Zane LOVES popcorn and Uncle Larry always gives in and pops him some when he is at our house. One night, Larry was a little later than normal getting it popped but Zane held on until he got his bowl full.....he zonked out the minute his bowl was empty.

I love these pictures!!! Zane fell out of his bed and got stuck under it. Sharon was thinking.......she grabbed the camera (since he wasn't freaking out) and took some pics before she dismantled the bed and got him out roflmbo!!!

I'm just a little biased....but they are soooo stinkin' cute!

rofl!! Mariska has a phone and shoe fetish!! Aunt Melanie doesn't ag it on any at all :shrug: Sharon caught this cute picture of the kids "talking to each other" while they were playing one day!
I actually made it quite a ways on the kids books this weekend. I have all their "layouts" in 2 1/2 gallon bags with a sketch to go with them. All of Zane's already have the paper picked out as well with a few embellishments that I have been saving for specific events tossed in as well. I managed 3 one pagers Saturday night in about 3 hours....well a little more than that since the monster title is all stitching. Layout kits definately help........hopefully I can kick quite a few out in the next few weeks before school starts up full force again. I need to pull Jake's books out as well and see where I"m at so I can start making layout kits for those as well :sigh: Will I ever get all these to a manageable point again?

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