Friday, January 21, 2011

snow UHG!

The only good thing about snow is that hubby will probably put my counter up this weekend. Yes, I'm doing a little changing in the scraproom again.....the big table in there is just not working for me. I really love that is the old table top from mom and dad's house when I was a kid, but it just isn't working for me...I've tried everything to make it work out and yes, I'm a little crazy and OCD but the counter I had looking out through the window into the living room just worked so much better but..................

I do have an idea to preserve the "feeling" that table gives off. I have to get some additional help from hubby to make it work but stay tuned....if it works like I want it to, I'll post the results LOL.

I hope to get to do some scrapping this weekend but it is already filling up pretty fast so we'll see. We are on hold over the basketball games tonight at this point because it is snowing again. If they get cancelled, the counter top will go up tonight so I might actually get to work in there while doing laundry tomorrow....cross your fingers for me.

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