Saturday, January 15, 2011

I realized something this morning.

I'm never going to make a design team....ever. Why? Two reasons actually.

1. I don't scrap by manufacturer. I probably can't tell you two manufacturers in my whole scraproom unless the paper is still in a pack and possibly a couple of tools. I don't care who makes it, I care if the colors highlight my pictures.

2. I'm too simple a scrapper. I don't like to have to look through all the embellishments to find my pictures...yes, my pictureS. I seldom do a one picture layout unless it is for my niece or nephew and there is only one picture........which since I've preached to my SIL about getting good shots, there is ALWAYS more than one. I occassionally get a one picture opportunity when it is a picture of one of the kids with somebody special in their life but when I do get those, I like to keep the layout simple and the picture big.

I would so love to be on a design team somewhere or even just featured but I've come to accept that will never happen. I'm not a marketable scrapper since it doesn't cost $10 per page for one of my layouts so I'll never be accepted to a design team. Oh well, such is life. My kids love their books, my 4-H kids love to learn, and my 4-H moms love me because I'm not breaking the bank getting their kids involved in such a wonderful hobby....................


  1. oh my goodness!! you scrap just like me!! because i have a store--i do have to stay on top of the current and trendy manufactures--BUT--i scrap what i like! sometimes i OVER embellish--other times--i might not even put a single flower on it. Its not unusual to see a graphic 45 with a tim holtz mix in with a $1.00 store ribbon on my pages. And i love love love to get as many pics on that i can--because i believe that scrapbooking is telling the story, right? not how much goodies you can get on a page. I hear ladies in my store say "i could never make that cause i am not good enough" GOOD ENOUGH!?!? what?!?! its your family, your life and thats who your pages are for! 50 years from now, when i am dead and gone, my kids wont be looking back at the albums and saying--OMG! mom was a terrible scrapbooker--NOPE! they will look at the pages and say "remember that--mom was so funny" or "I didnt know we had that dinning table way back when" etc etc. and that is what scrapbooking is about. OUR family, OUR memories. I love that you wrote this article, very inspiring and heartfelt!

  2. I so agree Christine. I Love all styles of scrapbooking. I also have noticed the magazines are not putting as many over the top layouts in there. You want a ballance with your page. I do both ways. Some of my mini albums are over the top. But my vacation layouts will have alot less on them for I dont want to take away from the photos. In the end my family want remember what DT I was on, but I do hope they will remember all the fun times we had when they look at there scrapbooks. You should always have fun scrapbooking the ones you love know matter what your style is....

  3. uh huh yep thats me too.. I scrap for me and my family. I do however love looking at all the lovely fancy LO's which I get inspiration from but how can you justify some of the money spent. Over here in Australia alot of the digner scrappers use in excess of $50 on a page, they look beautiful but I can't afford that!
    At the end of the day we are just trying to preserve our photos and memories :)