Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Oh to be a kid again

I have always said I NEVER wanted to go back to high school but today makes me wonder if it wouldn't be nice....no, I don't want to deal with the drama and such but sitting at work looking at almost 7 inches of snow and thinking........oh for a snow day. I want to be at home scrapping. I cleaned up the scrapspot last night and moved all the beads and jewelry making stuff off my table....now I just want to go home and scrap but here I sit at work - yes, I'm having a lot of trouble staying focused on work items....my mind keeps going to the layouts I have at home that I could be kicking out but here I sit........broken hearted........while both of my children are rubbing it in that they don't have school today. Yes, even my college child got lucky since she goes to a community college that is all students who commute so they called classes off today............it truly sucks to be an adult sometimes.

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